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City of Kasson, Minnesota
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For questions regarding rebates and savings, contact City Hall at (507) 634-7071 or email

Commercial Incentive Program - Available to all commercial properties for energy saving upgrades

Reminder:  If an air conditioner and/or furnace is being replaced a mechanical permit is required from the City of Kasson.


*Other restrictions may apply. 

*All other terms and conditions will apply.



Effective 1/1/2018 – 12/31/2018

Rebates are offered for the purchase of energy efficient products.  Please review the Terms and Conditions below.  Complete ALL information on the forms provided.

    1. Only one service address per rebate application.
    2. If the proper permits are not obtained rebates will be denied.
    3. Rebate applicant must be a current electric customer of Kasson Public Utility. Rebates do not apply to new construction.
    4. Funds are limited.  Rebate offers may be withdrawn at any time without notice.  Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
    5. Sales receipt or invoice must be included and and other specific information related to the product purchased.
    6. Rebate cannot exceed the price of the product purchased.
    7. Replacement Appliance Rebate - available in conjunction with the Turn-In Rebate

    8. One appliance type per household per year i.e. one refrigerator, one washing machine etc.
    9. Appliances installed must meet ENERGY STAR requirements to qualify for rebate.
    10. Heating and Air conditioning - available for new construction and replacement
    11. Residential light bulbs are limited to 12 per residential address.
  1. Allow approximately six to eight weeks for processing.   Rebates are not guaranteed.  This program is subject to change or terminate without prior notice.
  2. Return the completed application and required documentation to:
                         City of Kasson – Rebates
                         401 5th Street SE
                         Kasson, MN 55944







Attached Document or FileRebate for Appliance and Appliance Turn-In  
Attached Document or FileRebate for Lighting  
Attached Document or FileRebate for Commercial Businesses  
Attached Document or FileRebate for HVAC  

401 5th St. S.E. - (507) 634-7071