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City of Kasson, Minnesota
We're Ready For You!!

Please mail completed applications and fee's to Krista at City Hall.

City of Kasson definition of landlord   "
No owner shall allow another person to occupy, nor shall any person let to another for occupancy, any dwelling, or any apartment or rooming unit in any dwelling, without first obtaining a registration certificate as provided in this chapter, or at such time that the registration certificate, or the right to receive a registration certificate, is suspended or revoked."



Due to many changes in property recently our landlord list has been removed from our site and will be put up again in August of 2017. Thank you 

Fair Housing; Rental Housing Ordinance                    

Attached Document or FileCrime_Free_Lease_Addendum.pdf  
Attached Document or FileCriminal_History_Check.pdf  
Attached Document or FileRental Housing Certificate Phases Ltr.pdf  
Attached Document or FileHousing_Reg_Certif_Applic_BLANK.pdf  

For questions regarding Crime Free Multi Housing Contact:

401 5th St. S.E. - (507) 634-7071