Load Management Controllers

Under the City of Kasson, Electric Load Management Plan, the City manages an electrical controller system which is installed on residential and commercial central air conditioning units. This controller allows the electric power provider to interrupt the central air conditioner unit (7.5 minutes every 30 minute interval) during periods of high summer peak demand; usually on hot, humid summer days in the late afternoon or early evening.  When it has been determined to activate the controllers the AC unit cycle off at brief intervals like your thermostat does.  The fans will continue to circulate cooled air helping maintain your comfort.   By participating in this program you can save money on your electric bill and help the City “level out” energy use during peak demand periods when the cost of electricity is the highest.

In 2013 the City of Kasson City Council approved a Resolution mandating installation of Load Management Controllers on new houses w/ Central Air Conditioner Units and on Replacement Central Air Conditioner Units permitted/installed on or after January 1, 2014.  The City of Kasson has always and will continue to pay for the installation of the Load Management Controller for residential and businesses.  Residential Kasson Public Utility members with Load Management Controllers will receive a 10% discount for four (4) billing periods generally designated as May 16 through September 15.

The City of Kasson will contract with an electrician to have this unit installed at a later date. The homeowner does not need to be home when the unit is installed. When the electrician arrives, they will knock to notify the homeowner that they will be doing the installation. If they are not home they will leave a tag on the door informing them that the Load Management Controller was installed.

 To sign up call (507) 634-7071 or email cityhall@cityofkasson.com